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Originally Posted by colorcrazie View Post
I think that some people decide to become attached to one cruise line. Whatever the reason, they will tell everyone that their cruise line is the best. Almost a made up elitist attitude. Then, they feel guilty about it if they end up sailing on a different line. I have one friend who actually got angry with me because I go on whatever cruise line has the itinerary, price and size that I am looking for (I can't physically handle the mega ships, but wish I could). She thought I was foolish or maybe even evil for not going on her cruise line of choice. When she said she liked the perks of loyalty and she mention free appetizers, I couldn't help myself. Why on earth would anyone choose a cruise on the basis of extra free food? I didn't say that, though. I can use tact when needed. But, I did laugh out loud. Probably worse, but I just couldn't hold it in.
Lol! I guess you are right when it comes down to it. Doing another cruise in order to get free capucinos and a discount on laundry is a bit silly. Maybe we will not bother with havign elite statis from Celebrity before sailing RCI again. We would have to want to do another cruise for other reasons for it to be worth it.
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