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Default What's Your Cruise Style

So with an upcoming Carnival cruise in December I wanted to start looking for my next cruise, I have read reviews, talked with others as well as looked on You Tube at certain ship videos.
Funny how two people on the same ship can view it so differently , so I'm learning to just gather the info and base it on what fits me the best.

My cruise style is a more laid back ship with things to do but not overkill. I don't care about dancing or climbing rock walls, I want a nice size cabin and balcony, nice weather, good sea conditions, good hours in port and decent food.
Entertainment I do enjoy but it's not my main focus, I enjoy high tea and bumming around the ship. I do like the giant screen to watch movies at sea , to me it's kind of like being at the drive inn movies only on a ship. I do like to find quiet outdoor spaces on the ship to just chill and listen to my
I pod.
Some may call this type of ship a bad cruise, but not for me. I guess what I'm saying is to each his own, just because you pick the wrong ship to sail on doesn't meant it's a bad cruise it means you picked the wrong line or ship for what your cruise style is. I'm in no way saying not to give your opinion .

So when giving your opinion you should add that "It's not what I was looking for" instead of "don't sail on that line it's horrible" because everyone sails on lines or ships that fills their needs.

So what's your cruise style?

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