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Originally Posted by katlady View Post
Hi all,

My last cruise on Princess was in 2002 on the Star Princess so that was 11 years ago. Which we loved, no real reason why we haven't bee back. We have been hanging around the Carnival ships and last cruise was RCI Freedom of the Seas so I got a couple of questions. One ill fated cruise on Celebrity won't be making the mistake again to mellow for us.

How does the Crown Princess compare to the Star Princess?
We've sailed both a number of times and would prefer the Star if it were still in the US ports only because it somewhat smaller in size.
If you have cruised Crown Princess what did you like? What did you dislike? How was the food in the main dining room? At the buffets?
Our last Crown cruise was pretty good. The food was nothing to complain about but neither was the Star as I recall. All that could change depending on the cook staff which changes frequently as per our experience on the Emerald recently in April. Last Now it was fine but in April it had slipped somewhat. Still not terrible but there were dishes that could have been better.

What about entertainment?
Pretty much the same shows on all Princess ships and all of them are decent. The Ruby & Island have some that differ from the other ships.
Any "don't miss" shows or food items?
You can't go wrong with most items although their beef can be hit or miss. Steaks can be tough as can be the prime rib and most times can be overcooked for my taste. Since their size portions are on the small size I once ordered a larger slice of prime rib only to get a really lousy piece of meat. Never again. I'll order the regular platter & if it's good Ill send the waiter for another piece. I have to leave uneaten food on the plate.
Does anyone know if they have Zumba classes at the gym? If so how much is a class?
They do have Zumba for sure. I've seen it in the Atrium at times on some ships or at the main pool in the mornings. Never paid much attention but I don't believe there's a charge.

I have only been to one of the ports before that is St. Marteen. So what do you know about St. Thomas, Grand Turk, and/or Princess Cays?
In St Thomas most likely you'll be at Crown Bay & the shopping is very limited if that what your interested in. Downtown is a $4 taxi ride one way or 30 minute walk. There's one beach (Emerald) which is decent nearby. ($4 taxi or 30 min walk also)
Grand Turk is another beach day. The ship docks right at the beach & you've got your choice of either the Margarittaville pool which is free but noisy (get there early for a shady seat) or the beach where the lounges are also free. The sand in the water can be very rocky especially towards the right when walking down the pier. Also get there early if you want a shady chair. There are shops right in the center of things but the prices are expensive compared to St Thomas (especially liquor).
Princess Cays is a tendered beach day with lunch provided on the beach (hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs, salad, cookies, fruit, ice tea). Also get there early for a shady seat under the limited trees. You'll have to get a tender ticket in order to board the tenders since everyone wants to go early in the day. Also the line returning to the ship can be quite long at around 2 to 3 PM so we normally return soon after lunch which begins at 11:30 AM and head to the ships pools. The sand can also be rocky at Princess Cays especially towards the right after exiting the tenders. It's somewhat better towards the left side but more crowded with people. Don't bother with renting the clam shell chairs- much to hot & not worth the money since there's shade under the trees.

Thanks for your help.
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