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Originally Posted by katlady View Post
Thanks for the great advice. I figured there would be a charge for the fitness classes. I'm just glad they have Zumba (RCI didn't offer in 2012 on Freedom of the Sea I checked) I do Zumba at home and after eating the food I will need the exercise. Sounds like St. Thomas is my shopping port. My cruise is around Chirstmas time so I might have to get so gifts.
I HATE shopping. Period....and in downtown St Thomas is the worst place in the world for a person like myself. The stores are so crowded you can't hardly get inside sometimes.
The ocean is so wonderful in the Caribbean ports I have been to so I would love to just enjoy the beach and swimming in the ocean. I never understand how the cruiselines can mess up Primerib it is an easiest cut of meal to prepare.
Could be a poor cut of beef?
Filet Migon is hard to cook because it's so lean, so I normally avoid it on cruises. But Primerib there is enough fat to keep it moist. On Celebrity we had some tough primerib. I hate to leave food on my plate to, but I started realizing it's not healthy for me to eat to much and if the food is awful why waste the calories. I'm not to picky foodwise to the food has to be terrible for me not to eat it.
I just checked the Patters from the Emerald and they weren't charging for zumba. One time it was held on deck 15 buy the pool & three other times in was in club Fusion (9:15 & 10 AM) during a 10 day cruise.
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