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Default Blue Man Group taught me lesson about checking show schedule

I have never thought about show schedules.. My routine was go to dinner and then go to the show.An incident which I witnessed on the Norwegian Epic taught me a lesson about checking on show schedules. What happened was a loud discussion outside the reservation desk attracted my attention. The discussion was between the cruise director and a passenger from New Jersey. The essence of the discussion was that the Blue Man group had performed as scheduled and the man from New Jersey said he had expected the group to perform once more on one of the ussual nights. He had apparently not checked the show schedule and was mad becuase he had come on the cruise to see the group perform.

Check show schedule. The group or performer you saw on a previous night may not be on the ship later in the cruise.

The Blue Man Group at sea, on the . Norwegian Epic was different and I enjoyed it. And in hindsight a value when I happened to check the price of a pereformance of the Blue Man Group in a local venue - $500 for a special seat.
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