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Default Let's talk and plan

Originally Posted by ednotmilkman View Post
hi greeneyedladi,

Have you considered a Panama Canal cruise? There are 2 Norwegian ships, one Disney and one Celebrity ship going between Los Angeles and either Miami or Galveston in the fall for 14 night trips, for as low as $70 per night, inside rate. You could get a two legged flight from your home airport to LA and then back from New Orleans or FL pretty reasonably I think.

***edited to remove commercial links***

I'm not really looking to cruise myself any time in particular, but that would be a trip I'd like to do, so if that looks good and "doable" to you, we can chat about it. Canada and New England is another nice spot I'd like to cruise sometime also.
I see you are experienced cruiser, I am new and that is why I need help from an experienced cruiser such as yourself. I am interested in going to Panama, Canada or anywhere. I really.want to go to Europe in the future. Please email me at
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