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Good morning Donna, Mike, and all those to follow. It is a bright, sunny day here in Texas, and should get up into the 90's.

Donna, I am so sorry about Emma. I hope she is able to get well soon.

Mike, Your a hoot!!!

I am about half a sleep this morning. I would have still been in bed if Jake had not decided it was time for me to wake up.

Last night I spent hours on the computer, researching our trip. I have been speaking to some people on another site, who live in that area, and they have been trying to help me get as much in as possible.

At one point, I insulted someone when I said I didn't need to get right up to Rushmore, but would be satisifed seeing it from the road, on the way to somewhere else. The nerve of me...

I had already told her I was a American History buff, so I didn't need to know how the monument was made.

After she said she and all SD people were insulted, I remindered her that the man who did Mt. Rushmore, first rejected the offer in SD and went to Ga. to do Stone Mountain. I told her I grew up there, so I spent a lot of time looking up Gen. Lee's nose, and didn't need to look up Pres. Washington's as well. It was not my finest hour. Late last night, I told all of them how sorry I was for being rude.

The fact is we will be on the ground for a total of 5 days. You have all been on these trips with me, by way of computer, so you know that once Jim gets to working, he most of the time, works sun up to sun down. So 5 days, first is monday when we get there at 1:30 pm three when he is working, and the last we leave at O dark thirty to come home.

So all I am garenteed is the first day from 1:30 to bed time. I will not leave SD without seeing old George, Thomas, Teddy, and Abe. But, I would like to see something else if we can.

Anyway, I have to get there first.

I hope all of you have a good day.

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