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Same with us. In fact, the last thing we do on every cruise is my wife will stand at the door and watch me go around the room and check everything one last time. That includes picking up each pillow as well as the bedspread and sheets, and checking under the bed. Sounds redundant, but we've never left anything.

I've heard of people forgetting to check their safe. In fact, I saw on TV where one couple left around $10,000 in jewelry in their safe, if you can believe that! They didn't realize it until they got to the street. They immediately notified the staff, who got in touch with security, who went and opened the safe. Luckily, everything was still there and the couple got their stuff back. But can you imagine being so dumb to leave that kind of valuables in a safe? I can't imagine them being so dumb to bring that much stuff on a cruise in the first place! But hey, to each their own.

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