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Thanks for your help guys. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. I wanted to note for future reference that in Adventure Ocean on this ship that the two groups Explorers and the one above are combined, so this was a moot point. Honestly I was a bit disappointed with the Adventure Ocean rooms (but not the staff, who are wonderful), They were nicer on the Monarch. But my kids had a ball and did not want to leave, which says it all! These kids programs are as important to me as a cruiser as the main dining room and everything else... We love to spend time with our kids, but it's nice to get away too. From the wife too! After they all go to bed, I go to the Casino bar and just hang and talk to the bartenders. Great fun, but not so great in the morning! (Oh my head!) The Turkish bartender noticed my name, so I talked to him for quite a while, we both had a lot in common actually, both being from the middle east living in the states and both having American wives. Geez each cruise gets better and better.

All I can afford are the cheapest cruises, but $1500-$2000 for a 3 or 4 night for a family of 4 is still a lot of money, but consider myself damn fortunate to be able to go on the smaller ships, which are really amazing when not compared to Oasis. Loved the Indian food in the buffet, and the main dining room had good food but it was the same stuff from two years ago. But this time my 8 year old son joined us. He loved it and acted like a perfect little gentleman. You should have seen the look on his face when they put the napkin on his lap and used that little card to clean the crumbs from the table between courses. We didn't get to sit with others, but having our son with us was new for this cruise... Little girl was in Adventure Ocean, where her crazy butt belongs! We were worried about her in that top bunk in the stateroom but shortly she was swinging upside down from the top bunk, I need to show you guys a picture of this. My kids are hardy. Hyperactive, but hardy!
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