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That's awesome! Glad they enjoyed it.

It's not unusual for them to combine groups if there aren't alot of kids on board. Always makes sense to better utilize the resources.

But as for the size and amenities of the program, that's the one problem with the smaller ships; they just don't have the space available to do it right.

By comparison, the kid's programs on the Oasis-class ships are amazing! They have all the space they need and it's quite remarkable. But those are huge ships, so you also have the crowds.

There's alot to be said about the smaller ships as you do get a more intimate and personalized experience, but you do give up some of the amenities.

We've been on the Enchantment and found it to be one of the nicer ships in the Vision-class, especially since they cut it in half, pulled it apart, inserted a 75' section, and then glued it back together again. Definitely gave it more space on the Lido Deck than the other ships in the class.

Thanks for the feedback!

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