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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
It's like any other part of cruising; what one person thinks is worth the money, another will think it's not. Some people will only get an inside cabin thinking that an oceanview is not worth the extra expense. We'll very often get an inside cabin so we can save the money and do another cruise later. To us, it's better to do more cruises in an inside cabin than less cruises in a balcony. But obviously, if money is not as important, then we much prefer a junior suite, which is our most preferred cabin.

It really depends on whether you think it's worth it or not, not what others think.

But as was already stated by some, and I definitely agree with this one, once you go up, you'll be spoiled and never want to go back down!

Wife and I had a different experience, we are frequent cruisers who have been in all types of cabins, suites, AQ, Concierge, Balcony and insides. We sat down one day and figured out that we spend very little time in our cabin and now only book insides. I will look for decent upgrades which I have received on occasion but they have to be really good. Very happy with our decision. We can afford any cabin on the ship including the tops suites so cost is not a factor.

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