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Originally Posted by dkjretired View Post
Wife and I had a different experience, we are frequent cruisers who have been in all types of cabins, suites, AQ, Concierge, Balcony and insides. We sat down one day and figured out that we spend very little time in our cabin and now only book insides. I will look for decent upgrades which I have received on occasion but they have to be really good. Very happy with our decision. We can afford any cabin on the ship including the tops suites so cost is not a factor.

I get asked all the time by first-time cruisers what type of cabin I think they should get and I always say the same thing; it depends on how much time you plan to spend in your cabin. Some people are more active and spend very little time in the cabin, so it might be a waste to get a balcony cabin. Others are more sedate and spend a great deal of time in their cabin. To them I say perhaps you would benefit by getting a balcony. All depends on what you like and how much you've got to spend.

But like you, I'd much prefer to save the money and get an inside cabin so I can do more cruises. Then again, if money is not a problem, then give me my junior suite!

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