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It is funny how different people can have completely different experiences on the same ship. Or the same person can have a completely different experience on the same ship at different times.

We've done one ship three times and quite honestly, the first two times we were not really impressed. The food wasn't all that good, the service was just okay, and the ship was in dire need of refurbishment. After it went through dry dock, we went on it again and had a wonderful cruise; food was better, service was better, and the ship looked great.

So many things can impact your experience from the food, the service (or lack thereof), the overall appearance of the ship, the entertainment, etc, etc. I know one couple, as an example, that could not have picked a worse time for a cruise - it rained every day! So they ended up inside alot more than they normally would on a cruise. The cruise director's staff had planned all these activities for outside never dreaming they would not be able to do any of them for the entire cruise. Needless to say, they didn't have enough inside activities planned and they ran out of things to keep everyone busy. So, under normal circumstances this couple may have had a wonderful cruise, but because of all the rain, it severely impacted their cruise in a negative way. It was just one of those unfortunate situations.

Yet we had 4 couples go on the same ship 2 weeks later and they had an absolutely fantastic cruise and raved about the cruise director's staff and how they were kept busy all the time.

So sometimes, just the particular time of year or the weather can have an unexpected impact.

We once sailed out of San Juan and wouldn't you know it, while school was still in session back home, they were out of school in San Juan. Because of that, our ship was full of kids! Who knew? Bad timing on our part.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and not let the little stuff bother you.

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