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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
300%??? Really?

Wow! No wonder they were booking doubles for a single! I've not heard about this, but I'll be sure and ask my Carnival BDM about it and see what she has to say. It'll be interesting.

Hi Pete

I am sure I will get this wrong, JTD is a Carnival UK brands expert

Carnival UK price structure revolved around Vantage and Getaway fares.

Getaway fares, released later, had to be paid in full and if you cancelled you lost all your money. There were other restrictions.
Vantage Fares were bookable in advance and came with OBC, parking or other perks.

To book a cabin using a Getaway fare - you had to book a cabin in the Noah's Ark way i.e. multiples of 2 - so families of 3 persons and solo passengers were not eligible.

Solos and say a family of 3 HAD to book cabins using the Vantage price point.

Now when all the pricing became known the Getaway fares were often pitched at 60-75% of the Vantage Fare.

So using the example of Vantage Fare of 1000 and Getaway Fare 700.

A solo could only book the cabin at 100% supplement of Vantage Fare = 2000 whereas the Getaway Fare for the same cabin was 700 - so almost 300% supplement.

So some clever solos booked and paid 2 fares at Getaway level - 40% supplement of Vantage price level and then said their companion was ill and could not travel.

The policy has been a disaster for families and solos. On occasion, the Getaway fares were often less than half of Vantage fares - lots of disgruntled clients. Everyone leaving booking to the last minute which of course damages company cash flow.

Well it is all change from Sept 1st - wait and see.

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