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Default That's a Good Point

Originally Posted by Sistersolo View Post
Except for the luggage bit, all are good points. (Luggage you can't manage easily yourself should not be considered carry-on.)

But the real question is, how would your WIFE feel about your having a female cruise partner? The suggestion might be enough to make her reconsider how much she likes cruising.
That is a very good point and I trust that you are not judging me. My wife trusts me and knows that I love her and that I am devoted to her. She wants me to go and have a good time and knows that it includes dancing and being friendly (but not too friendly) with women on the the cruise. As for sharing a room, times have changed but some people still have the same values as they did 30 or more years ago and that's OK. Solo cruisers share a room primarily to save cost and be able to go on a better cruise. The fact is that anyone who wants to cheat while cruising can easily do so without booking a room together.
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