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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
Wow it was even easier then a phone call...a quick change online...Maybe I called her at a bad time or something....But she did give me the feeling that "You are booked and paid for what do you want I'm busy" Oh well....Her loss...I shall continue to cruise.. I had a excellent agent before and used her for years then she had a bad car accident and retired her clients were given to another girl in the office however she was horrible and I did not want to deal with her so stopped using that office all together
I meant to say 'she didn't even have to call' and accidentally wrote 'she did even have to call'. Sorry it was a typo - I made the change in my post.

But yes, it's easier than a phone call to do it online through the cruise line's booking site. Takes maybe a minute or two to bring up the booking, make the change, and save it. Quick and easy, unless of course she's new and doesn't know how to do it, or she's too busy and doesn't want to take the time to provide good customer service. Either way, it's inexcusable.

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