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Post Just off the Oasis of the Seas

Just got off the Oasis of the Seas a few days ago. Wow what a ship.

We have cruised ships from 3400 tons to 225,000 tons. Years ago we preferred 45,000-70,000 and never knew we would go bigger.

I see some posts on this thread favor one cruise line over another.
And I do have my favorites and yes you get what you paid for.
The Oasis was our 28th cruise and was among one of the 5 different brands that we have sailed.
But this particular cruise on the Oasis has opened my eyes a bit. Yes there will always be some perk here or there missing on a ship, but what I felt on the Oasis was a really good night sleep due to the room being so well built in a sound proof way. I have been on many ships where I could hear the nieghboring cabin occupants in various ways.
But on this cruise, I never heard any disturbing sounds like the rumble of TV's or loud kids or bumping on the walls, etc.
Also the balcony room was nice and dark. I never had to put a towel under the door or deal with light edges on gapping drapes.
Most of the time we couldn't even feel the ship moving.
We had great food in the specialty restaurants. And with so many dining options we only made it to the main dining room for dinner one time.
We had the option to make reservations for the shows on line before we ever went. Created our week schedule before going.This helped us manage the times so we could get in as much as we could. The shows were fantastic. And with the reservation system we weren't locked in, but it allowed us to get good seats before the doors opened to those who didn't reserve. And there was still plenty of seats.
It is an amazing ship. On one deck we could stroll in Central Park where they had live plants and trees. In the morning as we walked through, we could hear birds chirping. I think they were motion sensored, but we were looking for the birds. At night we sat there on a park bench and listened to the Classical Guitarist. Walking on another deck we felt like we were at a mall where we could visit many shops.
And another very good thing about this ship is all of the pools and hot spas. We have been on many ships where the spas were so small we had to bump knees or wait a turn or not get to go in. On the Oasis - there are many and very large. And the kids were off in their areas. I could go on and on. Also, the tour we took to Ek Balam only had 12 people and the one we took called Taste of Jamaica only had 20 people. Not bad for a ship of 1000's of people. The technology on the ship was great too. We could go to a huge wall tablet and through touch we could see the events going on or map our way to them or find our room etc. So maybe we got lost sometimes but had a tool to find our way.
I could go on and on about this ship.
But to narrow down Brands. We have been liking Royal C. I. and Princess. I think the newer ships are of our interest.
Happy Sailing!
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