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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
Many cruisers booking Carnival do so for price IMO......When we were at the airport waiting for the flight after the Breeze I noticed a young couple I'll guess late 20's that were on the ship with us and I asked him "you liked that cruise?" he said "yes I always cruise Carnival because we can cruise twice a year on Carnival versus once a year on Royal."

Carnival has some of the cheapest cruise rates out there and therefore you will find onboard all walks of life...

I don't care to be around rude, loud cruisers or cruisers that use curse words or want to start fist fights.....No thanks!
So if you sail Carnival your rude, loud and want to fight? RC is so upscale....please
Time for me to put this to rest, no point in going on.
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