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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
May very well be true and things may have changed over the last couple of years. And you are definitely one of the few instead of one of the many, and it sounds like you are someone who has alot of personal knowledge and someone that people can trust as an agent. That's a good thing. I have no doubt if a client finds you, they will be happy with their choice. Reputable agents, like you, are worth their weight in gold, as I'm sure you'll agree.

But out of curiosity I called the 800 number, got a recording, and then waited 10 minutes to get ahold of someone. Asked a couple of routine questions for a newbie and found they had not cruised before. Called back a while later, waited another 5 minutes, talked to a different person, asked the same question, got the same answer. And by the way, both people answered the phone Expedia Cruises, not Expedia Cruiseshipcenters, which surprised me.

Just had a brainwave. (Don't do that too often.) I am in Canada. Although Expedia cruiseshipcenters is buying small offices in the states, it may well be they are not answering the same as us - yet. This has been an ongoing process for the last couple of years. I am curious though, did you ask if they were in a call center? They are suppose to be in a brick and mortar or home based. I will be disappointed if they aren't being trained the same way we are. They are suppose to be taking the same courses as us.

I suppose taking over and existing business makes it more difficult to re-train to a new concept as well.

Now, if someone was to phone our area tonight, their call would be put through to me. (Please note though, I said our area.) I believe they do it by postal code. If the closest office does not have an evening rep, they will try other offices until they get one. Sometimes I get calls from Alberta, Nova Scotia, Quebec etc and I'm in Ontario.
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