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Originally Posted by venice View Post
AR...can you only dream of what you could do in your field if the technology of today was there when you started out as a young man? You must love the

My Dad insisted that Latin would come in handy in my written communications. He was right...i believe young people who express a future in communications technology embrace a path that includes a strong foundation and soak up your expertise and understand that 95% of what they see on cable tv is not journalism

On my Jazz Cruise on the Carnival Freedom last November, there was a workshop that embraced an application where I could learn to play bass guitar with Stanley Clarke on my IPAD.. the technology is coming where you will not need a production editing studio, you have the "apps" to do it on your IPAD
For sure, but I've thought a lot about whether it's all a net positive or not. In my earlier days, what we did was much more a collaborative process, which was useful, if for no other reason than somebody could stick his or her head in your edit room, lean against the wall and say, "Hey, that really sucks."

Only sort of kidding. My concern is that when people can create everything they do in a creative vacuum, it might not turn out as well. It's kind of like what's wrong with a lot of the internet these days, where stuff is just typed up and posted with no peer review, no editorial rigor. Even the best need somebody to check the work, keep them honest. It's like Scott Pelley said in my signature line below. . .
The most dangerous man in society is the man who has nothing left to lose. -- Saul Bellow
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