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Good morning Donna, and all those to follow. It is raining here, but we are really glad, as we suffer from lack of rain.

Donna, I hope your birthday was a good one. I think you will like your new lap top. Hope your BBQ goes as planned.

Today is the day I get everything ready for our trip. Boy this trip means a lot to me, as I have the feeling of running away, and I can't think of a better person to run with.

I need to get the house in order, and cook a few things for Josh to eat this week. Pack my bag, and then just wait for the time to leave for the airport.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be around a whole state that knows nothing of my past, and won't look at me with sadness. I can be me, whoever that is, and just enjoy life.

Do any of you realize how good you have it? Do you count your blessings each day?

I am debating taking my computer. I am not sure I really need it. I guess I will finally decide tomorrow.

Anyway, Everyone have a good day. Remember to tell those that you love, how much you are glad they are in your life.

Take care all,

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