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Default I Just Dont Understand...

I hope this post is far enough past the tornado disaster in Moore/Oklahoma City to start asking some serious questions.

Those poor children and staff in the Elementary schools had prior warning... a good number of minutes if my facts are correct. They simply had no safe place to go. Oklahoma City has been hit by more than 10 major tornadoes in the last 10 years. Tornadoes are no "fluke" in that area.

Why, in the name of sanity, did these places not have storm shelters??? No money???

They had playgrounds, fully equipped gymnasiums, full landscaping on the grounds and many other amenities. If I was a parent, I would INSIST on a safe storm shelter for the children BEFORE any of this relatively-spurious stuff was installed. Or I would fundraise like a M-F and pay for it via the parents committee. It simply boggles my mind that this goes on and people have to die before anything is done.

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