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Good morning everyone.

It's a foggy day here in Minnesota. Betty is off to the hair dresser and grandpa is in charge of the grandkids. I'm now taking a break after feeding and hosing them down. Now they are playing in the family and only one fight that was quickly ended with a "Knock it Off!" from grandpa.

We went to the Mall of America yesterday. Did I ever tell you that I hate that place. My granddaughter is now a co-author, with her Mom, on a book and she's wanted to spend some of her earnings on some American Girl Doll clothes. Wow, what a racket that is. Pay $100+ on a doll and then you can pay the equivalent of a college education on accessories. OK: It's not that much but if you did buy all the "stuff" you probably could spend $10,000. The hot air balloon for $900 was the one I choked on. Thankfully, my granddaughter just bought two outfits and got out of there for less than $50.

Today, is an "I don't know" day. We'll see what we get up to but with the fog and misty weather I don't think we'll get up to much.

Tomorrow we start getting ready for our Southwest tour. The Camry has been to the mechanic so it "shouldn't" conk out on us. It's only 109 in Vegas and 103 in Phoenix. Betty will be in heaven and I'll be in "air conditioning".

I hope Donna is feeling better and I hope everyone has a wonderful day and great week.

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