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RE / Bob coming back into a more active role, I for one think regardless of what his title may be, he will be coming back to " mind the store " so to speak and would venture to guess it wouldn't be too long before you begin to see some positive changes in Carnival.
I think there's little doubt that he knows the business from top to bottom and will be a positive influence wherever he needs to be.

If I remember correctly, I did mention some time back that maybe they needed to convince Bob to come out of retirement and my comments weren't recieved too well on the board here by some but now it may appear Mickey has finally wised up a bit.
I personally believe Cahill needs to find a position, or have one assigned to him for which he is better suited than trying to run Carnival.
Just my opinion, which matters to no one but me. And too, whether Carnival goes broke or shoots back to the top , it won't have any affect me but I would like to see them doing well and see people re-gain their confidence in Carnival.
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