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Default Divorced, 43, and cruising (non solo), not very easy

A complex problem in several ways. I have a very flexible work schedule. I can have some cruise time several times over the course out of a year and at 43 and "single" there aren't a lot of women at my age range that have the same flexibility. Secondly I live in Utah. I moved here mostly due to it's outdoor beauty. But most women here believe the path to an earthly and heavenly nirvana is by making babies. Nothing wrong with that but that makes my cruising prospects even more slim from here.

So about me. I am an adventurous, fun and travel loving professional. Cruising for me is there S's: service, satisfaction and simplicity. I like standing on the rail watching sunsets, the anticipation of whats on the dinner menu, trying a new creative drink by a befriended bartender, exploring a new excursion spot while meeting locals, and watching a show with a friend. So I may not dance in the night club til sunset but I definitely enjoy cruising.

More about me: I am well spoken, educated -from both the text book and the school of life. I have traveled the world so I have plenty of interesting stories ready for instant deployment. Cabin mate wise some of my family and friends jokingly complain about how neat and tidy I am. I am very well groomed. And I do not snore or have any other sleeping impeding habits I am a non smoker.

Its about time for a simplicity recharge so I seek an adventurous fellow cruiser that would like to spend time enjoying the journey while enjoying it with a new friend. My channel is open so feel free to private message or reply. The worst case is it could be the start of an inspiring conversation.


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