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A cooler (70's) and cloudy day for us in NW Ohio. I know what Aerogirl means by dodging the bullet yesterday. For us, it was last night about midnight. A nasty line of storms blew through. It was suppose to be possible for a derencho (what we had last June 29) but it was not near that bad. Some wind, lots of lightning and thunder and, of course, rain. Nothing seemed damaged on our property this morning. Did hear of a trailer house near by being knocked over and several semi's on the highway being blown over. The dogs and I cowered in the bedroom and watched the local station's coverage until about 1:00 am.

Manuel - enjoy your quiet, cool day inside; hope the monitor is only for check up reasons and nothing serious involved!

Aerogirl - enjoy the garden store; I brought in some of my plants last night so the storms would not destroy them!

LS80 and the rest of cruisemates - enjoy your day!
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