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The thing about Bob is that he was all about the product. His philosophy was basically to create a product, make it something nice that people will want, then market it appropriately. And he believed in keeping the passengers happy. If the passengers are happy, they'll be loyal to the brand and keep coming back.

Nowadays, the 'bean counters' have taken over - they don't care as much about the product or in keeping the passengers happy. They're all about the bottom line and how to make the most profit. The thing they don't understand is that by continuing to follow the path they've laid out, in the end, they'll not make as much profit. When the passengers aren't happy, they'll take their business elsewhere.

Bottom line, loyal passengers spend more money on cruises than first timers. It's the loyal passengers that buy balconies and suites.

Lee Iaccoca was another visionary in this regard. Both Bob & Lee understood the importance of doing whatever was necessary to create a quality brand and to immediately take care of any problems their customers had. They would do whatever was necessary to keep the customer happy because they'll be loyal to the brand and keep coming back.

As Lee Iaccoca said (and I'm paraphrasing here); it takes a lifetime to gain the trust of a customer, but only seconds to lose it.

The basic difference is that these 'been counters' are so interested in the numbers, they forget to show any interest in the customers.

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