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Of course I am on the ship and I am seeing everything unfold live. I was lucky enough to be sitting right in front of Kate for the inaugural event. She looked radiant and quite confident.

I was two seats away from the girl who was holding the scissosr - you may have seen her walk up and Kate chatted with her for quite a few minutes. I asked her what she had asked her, and she said "she asked me how I happened to be there and then she just talked about the weather,'

After that, of course, we watched Kate actually cut the rope, and no special rigging, just a rope and gravity, and the bottle still broke. A definite sign of good luck for Kate.

See all of my pictures of the ceremony here: Paul Motter's Album: Kate Middleton Inaugural - Royal Princess

Paul Motter's Album: Royal Princess Inaugural

and here: Paul Motter's Album: Royal Princess First Night
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