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Originally Posted by Villager View Post
I am making my first trip to Barcelona in late October to take a transatlantic on the Liberty OTS. Any recommendations on moderately priced hotels. Transportation from airport to hotel. Must sees, other than Sagrada Familia.
Firstly, Barcelona is bad for pick pockets etc, I was Bailed up out side my hotel, not thinking as it was early, pulled out my purse to give them a coin to get rid of them, later went to get notes out to pay for breakfast only to find none, she had managed to snatch them without me knowing, it was about $100 australian, so lucky we each only carried a small amount, and took turns paying for this very reason.
Next: Hotel Olivia Plaza, extremely central, mid price, great accomodation, and safe! Accross from Buses, (and Tour Buses) top of The Rumbalas.
Site Seeinf: those tour buses, hop on hop of, see lots of Goudi"s works/Archetecture everywhere, Olympic park, beach, old city and churches.
in short the hotel is within easy reach of everthing, I am staying there in September again, have fun!
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