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Originally Posted by BernieG View Post
She's 32 and cried and refused to go to dinner because she was told to put a top on? Oh Please. She should know better. There are plenty of signs asking for no bathing suits.
here's a line i hope you will take to heart:

"Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a difficult battle."

age should not have to matter here. we all go through difficult times of our lives that may make us more vulnerable to any given situation. as there were no signs posted, the daughter's intent was most likely not meant to be harmful.

regardless of whether she showed poor judgement or not, there was a right way to handle the situation and a wrong way.

i say this celebrity employee handled it the wrong way. very unprofessional - customer service is about diffusing a situation from getting worse. this is what i train my people at work. obviously this person failed to do just that.
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