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BernieG has stated it correctly.

Talk to your agent and they'll be able to provide you the exact information you're looking for.

Keep in mind that sometimes a good deal sounds better than it is. For example, I love the one where they advertise 'free airfare'. So, you call them and ask them how much it is and they give you a price. Then you ask how much it is if you don't get the airfare and the price is reduced. Wait a minute! If it's free airfare, how come the cruise price is less if you don't want the airfare??? And the funny thing is, if you book the cruise without the airfare and then do your own independent air, often you can end up spending less than if you booked the cruise with the 'free airfare'. Go figure!

Just don't assume that the special they're offering is the best deal for you. Again, your agent will be able to check out all the options to help you determine the best way to go.

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