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Default Puffed rice sank barge in Cayman

While snorkeling in the Cayman the crew dropped us off over a sunken barge. The story they told was that it contained rice which absorbed water through a leak. The rice expanded causing the barge to sink. This makes a funny story when you say this is how Quaker puffed rice was discovered.

On this snorkel adventure I didn't see many tropical fish and I was disappointed. As I snorkeled close to the boat I was surrounded by a swarm of tropical fish. Pleased at seeing all the tropical fish I saw I surfaced to find the reason for the fish activity was that the crew were thowing bread on me to attract the fish.

A similar lesson about food was learned at stingray village. To attract stingrays, participants are given pieces of shrimp. The stingrays go for the shrimp and it gets to be a little bit hectic. One woman accidentally touched her neck with a piece of shrimp and the stingray went after her leaving what in the old days used to be called a sucker bite.
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