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Originally Posted by Teralek View Post
NO! they use RICE BRAN OIL from Bon Vital! I worked on 2 ships as well, I know what I'm talking about... I am a massage therapist. Rice bran oil is far from being a good oil for massage... it starts to smell bad fast... Rice bran oil can be used has a cooking oil, so the poster was not lying.

Moreover if you don't sell much. Which for a massage therapist is at least more than 10% of total revenue you get pressure and brainwashing training until insane hours. Because if the guest doesn't want to buy it's not OK! It was your fault for not being persuasive enough!

The experience very much depends on the manager. However they are throwing off the company the good managers and leaving just those bitter, pushy and rude managers that will put you down at every opportunity.

That being said. It's not all bad working for Steiner. But it's not a pink world and it's not about willing to work or not...

There are many better jobs aboard a cruise ship - benefits wise.

That being said there are worse ones as well like some photo companies and some Filipino and Indian crew
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