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STEINER - not a place for professional people.
THE ACADEMY - the worst training ever. Rude, arrogant, non-skilled and " no brain" trainers. Just former workers on ships that finally found a nice and warm place to earn money. If you dare to say " don't treat me like cattle " they start threatening you and label you as having " negative attitude ". They will do everything possible to put you down and to feel stupid.
Training is only about how to sell the awful ELEMIS products.
The " Spa Tours " are embarrassing.
I lately met the owner of Steiner, the daughter of the founder. Seems to be a nice lady (I like her pink diamond ring). I think she worked very hard to keep the business going after her father death, but they lost control now. The manager of Steiner Academy (her son in law), is too weak and being the only man working in a place with only women made him to loose the sense of reality.
I was probably lucky to have a good ship. The things have changed completely when I got there. The ship staff was much better than those from the Steiner Academy's. But the Spas managers are still mad about selling ELEMIS. The only thing interest that them is " how much retail " have you done per day. No interest about performing good or quality treatments. The SPA guests should complain because they are sick of being pushed every treatment with ELEMIS sales. They were sick of this attitude we were more than embarrassed.
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