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Default Credit Fraud need assistance anyone else

This is a skeleten of what is happening of me checking and reading carnivals guidelines on gift cards stating if lost or stolen they are just like cash, me giving carnival the gift card numbers, they accepting and telling me my cruise is paid in full, then I paying a lady. Then few days later getting more gift card numbers from her, booking a separate cruise using up all the gift card numbers on the new cruise (refundable cruise) and a little on the old, so no one else can use the numbers. Carnival then taking all the money off the gift cards because they are not on gift cards they are living social pieces of paper with numbers on them, they accepting and have account paid in full. Then I send her money through the bank to pay the lady a week later. Now finding out there is credit card fraud and carnival pulling all the funds off the accounts In my defense I did everything to protect myself from a consumer stand point, carnival accepted there own gift cards and there own rules state that if lost or stolen the gift cards are like CASH. They are the ones who are holding the bag not myself, because if they did not accept there own gift card numbers I would not have purchased them. Customer service and Martha from Carnivals Presidents office said I am screwed.
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