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I am sorry, I didn't mean to start something, but I was speaking the truth. I do not generally notice the nationality, color of an actor.

The first thing I notice is the dialogue of the story being told. I then notice how well it is being presented on screen, and then I notice how the actor is handling it.

I guess in many ways I have evolved faster than some. I see the person, not as a color, but as a performer, doing a good, or bad job.

Take Hallie Berry She is beautiful, and also a very good actor, even when she has a very bad script. The last thing I want to do is limit her to being skinny, fat, dark, light. etc. I get lost in all the category's, and miss out on her talent. When she has a press conference, and announces who she is other than a great actor, then I will take notice, but I prefer to list her as a good actor.
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