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Default Carnival Dream

Hi, This being your first Cruise ever here are all the tips I can give you. First of all a Cruise is what "YOU" make of it not the ship and not the staff if any little problems happen let them go instead of dwelling on it and just have fun.
You will learn in the Future that Nov and Dec and stay away from holiday wweksis better weather in the Carribean and much lower prices and never
1,500 childeren like in summer months. Your o,k, with you dates cause kids are back in school. Keep in mind you are travling in Hurricane season which ends the last day in November so if there is a Hurricane in the Western gulf your itinerary will change to keep everyone safe. O.K Now the fun stuff. You will eat more food than you ever have in your life. My joke I use when I go on a Cruise is . Wow I am getting hungry I haven't eaten for 45 minutes. Make sure on Sea Days you don't misss the Punchliners Comedy Brunch which is held only Sea days which you should have two. Also Guy's burgers are unreal.
2nd night is Lobster night check the dining room menu on your t.v set to make sure. This is a night you do not want to go to the Steakhouse. The first night is Planko Crusted Shrimp don't miss this if you are a shrimp eater. Dinning room just tell them to keep them comin and at the Buffet it's all you can eat.

You are Cruising at a very HOT time of year make sure sunscreen is used even on the tops of your feet. I have see many cruies ruined from people that burn there feet the first day. There are 10 hot tubs on the ship yopu should have no problem finding a nice one early in the morning. I also wear a swinsuit when I get on the ship. I arrive at the port at 10;30 am and have lunch on Lido deck. Pools are small on this ship but tempature should be good.

Stay away from Casino Vault it looks easy but it;s a suckers bet.

Bring a 12 pack of your favorite soft drink and pack it in a carry on bag. Put a luggage tag on it and it will show up at your stateroom just like your luggage. No alcohlol it will be conviscated. Have a great Cruise. Ed
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