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Default Love lost at sea

About a year ago, I went on the Allure of the Seas. I was 17, and decided to go to the teen club since it would probably be my last cruise before I was 18. Anyways, I walked into the "living room" and sat down. This guy (extremely hot as I might add) immediately caught my attention. The counselor's told us to do this ring of fire thing where the guys make an outward facing circle while the girls make an inward facing circle around the boys. We had to stop at each boy and have a conversation with them for 20 seconds, and it was one of the most awkward things I have ever had to do! There were a couple cute guys I was able to talk to, but all of a sudden, I had to talk to the guy that I already had a major crush on (freaking out here!). He was SO sweet and nice, and immediately after the teen club, we started hanging out. We went to the jacuzzi and stayed there for 3 hours, and eventually had our first kiss. The day after, we were inseparable We played mini golf, rock climbed, and ice skated together (best part). At night, we went to the disco party and stayed out till the ship curfew for teens (1 o'clock). Over the next couple of days we talked on the open decks and found secret hiding places to kiss and such on the second to last day, I did something that was SO risky and some of u might think im a total slut, but i was so in love. We "made love" in his cabin, and it was amazing. The last night, we layed on the deck and looked at the stars. We knew we had to cherish this last night together. We exchanged emails, phone numbers, etc. and then he walked me back to my room. We had the most amazing kiss, and finally, i had to go inside to my cabin. To this day, we are still going out, and about a month ago was our one year anniversary. He lives 2 hours away from me, and he has visited me 3 times. We are both going to the same college....just goes to show you that love on a cruise actually does exist
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