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Paul - just one small correction - I'm a she. My cat is Felix

However, for the subject at hand, there were a lot of things done wrong and I do believe others such as RCL learned from them - hence the way the Grandeur fire was handled. The only complaint I heard from that was from someone (not my client) who was angry because he wasn't the first off the ship in Freeport because - A) he was Emerald and B) he was in a JS.

However, there are a lot of us TA's who won't deal with Carnival Cruiselines - the main reason being, they have their agents call our clients and tell them to cancel with us, they'll give them better service, cheaper prices etc etc. I have a client who is also a close friend. She likes to sail Carnival occasionally. Last November, when she was looking for a cruise, they called her 5 times in 2 days telling her she better book with them directly. Now, you would ban me from here if I told you what she told him.

Carnival has spent the last number of years trying to cut agents throats. Many many agents have walked away from them because of it. Now they want to come back to TA's. From my point of view, forget it.

Whether it was Arison or Cahill, doesn't really matter. Carnival is very unpopular and it will take them a long time to come back.

As for my clients, I will tell them the history and let them judge for themselves. Some still want to book Carnival, fine, but others change their minds and that's fine too.

As for Princess, HAL, I have lots of clients for those companies. Thank goodness they have been allowed to run themselves so to speak.
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