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I do not disagree that Carnival has dropped the ball in their handling of difficulties in the past year especially.

Just the week before last my blog discussed, and expanded on many of these exact points

Felix, out of curiosity are you affiliated with American Express Travel?.. because that is one area I discussed in that blog.

I know Carnival has cut commissions, and that has put off a bunch of travel agents.

As far as Carnival PVPs attempting to steal customers from agents. I'm not happy this is still going on. Way back in 2010 I wrote a blog about this..

And Carnival responded directly saying that is not their policy.

Cruisemates Blog Carnival Responds To ?The Deceitful PVP? Blog ? Kuki
Guess they haven't explained their policies to their PVPs over the ensuing 3 years.

Now as far as how the cruise lines deal with problems; remember back to 2011... when a Carnival ship and an RCI ship were forced by port authorities to leave port in front of a coming hurricane?

To refresh... at the time I wrote this....

So, at different times all of the cruise lines do occasionally screw up in their reactions to problem events.

I do think after Concordia Carnival (and the industry) came under hyper-scrutiny any time anything happened. And Carnival has unfortunately had several incidents since then, and handled the situations and PR associated with them very badly.

So, Felix, if you read those blogs you'll find I agree with many of your "issues", and have been watching them pretty closely and reporting on them in my blogs for several years.... so I obviously too feel people should be informed.

I took exception with you saying you "try to convince people not to cruise Carnival". Customers should be informed, yes. But not directed to cruise lines the agents personally prefer. Rather they should be matched to cruise lines which best suit them.
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