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Originally Posted by Snoozeman View Post
Lot's of TA's doing the same and probably justified IMHO. Carnival is aware it is happening too.
I agree there's other TA's doing it, and I'm sure Carnival is aware, and likely expected the reaction when they dropped commissions.

I'm also sure that at the time they didn't expect the "incidents" they've had which gave those TAs fodder in a time where consumers are lacking confidence.

No doubt here's a reason they brought Bob back, and this recent big move to cozy back up with travel agents. No question they'll be around the country buying them lunches

I'd also bet some of those TAs were discounting from their own commissions when that was allowed.

I know Carnival's group departments, as well as other cruise lines, have become pretty hard to deal with as well.

Not easy being a travel agent for sure. But, I still prefer an agent who's more interested in the clients needs.

During 35 years in business, I had tons of changes in the industry, along with tons of headaches to accompany them. But my customers didn't care; they only wanted me to give them good product, with great service.
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