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Originally Posted by DougR. View Post
The best one since I began working in Philly was the guy who was sitting by the turnstile when I was headed home. When I swiped my fare card he looked horrified and said "Don't go down there, you will end up in New Jersey."

There were more than I can count when I worked in NYC, but prior to 9/11 there was a lady who set up shop near the World Trade Center station. She would cuss out trains going by and anyone who ventured to close to "her house" she also was one of the few I ever encountered who would not accept handouts.

One final Philly story I noticed a young female panhandler who held a sign that said "Homeless, Hungry and Pregnant". Poor girl was preggers for at least two years.
We get a lot of "homeless" people that aren't really homeless like your two year preggers chick. My sorry but if you hand bag or shoes cost more then my hubby's truck payment I ain't giving you my money. I tend to notice details other people miss. Probably due to my job. I'm a tax collector and we do field calls to the different businesses. As soon as I walk into a business my eye is checking for everything. So when I look at a "homeless" person my eye tells me if the details of the dress and personality match what I know of a truly homeless person. Their is the money corner that always has a different "homeless" person. Once I was leaving church and a "homeless" person was making bank the people felt guilty and gave him money. I don't carry cash so it was a non issue for me.
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