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Originally Posted by UTcruiser View Post
It makes me sad that someone would be so bothered by this that they would make a post about it. Who said Disney is just for children? Disney has been around for a really long time. With that being said, Walt started to build Disneyland in Florida I believe in 1954? With his cartoons such as Snow White done in 1937. Also, Disney replenishes their cartoons and brings them back - for example: My very first movie I went to see was when I was a preschooler in the early 1990's was Snow White! My wonderful grandmother took me to see it, and that is when I fell in love with Disney. My husband and I are taking our three great kids on the Disney Wonder next fall. Why? Because my husband's first movie he seen was Peter Pan, and we both have never experienced anything Disney before. My children also love Disney. Why I give these examples is because your post is implying grossly that Disney is JUST for kids, when in fact...Disney is for everyone. Disney has been around for a great while, meaning lots of us have grown to have Disney's entertainment be apart of their lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with adults going on anything Disney. After this cruise, my husband and I plan on taking a Disney Cruise...just for us! It is very troubling that you feel that not everyone can enjoy Disney. Those adults standing in line paid high rates to be on that ship as well. If you have this attitude, you better change it fast or it will ruin any future Disney trips for you.

I hope you find peace in your next cruise adventure and enjoy it regardless who else is on the boat with you. (hugs)
The original Disneyland in Anaheim, California opened in 1955. The Magic Kingdom Park in Florida opened in 1971 and the other Parks and areas like DtD opened in the ensuing years. WDW was being planned in the late 1960's when Walt was in the hospital dying from lung cancer. Over the many years of Disney, there have been many changes. The new Parks in other countries, not to mention just all the new parks added to Walt Disney World in Florida over the years since 1971 and then a wonderful addition: The Disney Cruise Line.

My husband and I LOVE cruising on DCL. WE won't cruise with any other cruise line. We have done 8 cruises on Disney in the last 4 years and we have two more already paid for and planned, a 7 day on the Wonder to the Bahamas in Novenber and a 7 day Eastern Carib on the Fantasy (our ship!) in January for my birthday. (Yay, we will be Platinum Castaway Club after those two cruises!)

We just did B2B Eastern/Western Caribbean cruises in April. We were on the Fantasy when it went through hurricane Sandy this past October! Yes, we were actually in the hurricane's outer bands and experienced a real hurricane at sea. That night in the storm was not that magical, but we had the best captain in DCL, Captain Tom and we made it just fine. Sandy actually grew from 600 miles acrosss to 1000 miles across and we were about 200 miles behind her and she came to us. We did not sail into the storm, the ships captain's NEVER do that, they do everything they can to avoid hurricanes, but she grew and we were in the expansion area of her growth from 600 miles to 1000 miles. Also, Hurricane Sandy stalled off the coast of Florida for a few hours. That was an interesting cruise, it was the last night of our cruise that week! There was nothing we could do at that point. So the captain sailed at 1 knot per hour and we made it in late to port the next day. The ship took some damage and we got right back on for our second part of our B2B cruises to the western carib. That second week was fine, no storms... :o) We LOVE the Fantasy and will sail on her most of the time.

We are huge Disney fans and love everything Disney. Our home looks like a Disney museum. Most of my clothing is Disney, yes, down to my socks and underwear! We LOVE it. We go to WDW every year for three weeks and do at least 2 cruises a year, if not more when we can. We are retired and would rather go to Disney than anywhere else in the world. It is just so much fun for us.

The cruise ships have so many nice amenties for adults, Palo restaurant, without any screaming and running kids, and the adult pool and hot tub area, the spas where I love to go and get facials and massages and relax with no noise or stress or kids, and the whole ambience of the ships.

We don't hate kids, we could never get on a Disney ship if we did, but we love Disney and the adult areas are great and we have lots of fun on our cruises. And yes, I LOVE to get pictures with the characters. And, no I am not weird! I am just a huge Disney fan! It is as magical as Disney makes it and as fun and amgical as you make it!

The only proiblem we have had on the ships is families saving seats in the Walt Disney Theatre for their kids and friends while they change clothes from dinner. There is NO saving seats in the theatre and at the pools, but do you think people follow those rules. No.

I had a lady yell at me for taking a disabled seat (I am disabled, I have had spine surgery and have two bad knees that need surgery) when she said she was saving it for a disabled person. It was 30 minutes before the show and that is when disabled people are supposed to show up and I did and took the seat. She was livid that I took "her" seat that she was saving for someone that was not even there, but I was there already and I am disabled and needed to sit. Do you think a disdabled person ever showed up wanting that seat? No. No one ever did. She was just saving it for someone else and they could not have the disabled seat. So that is really the only problem we have had on ships and it is always big families who do it, save the seats in the shows and at the pools. The cast members will stop them if they catch them doing it now. That is good. I am used to lines at Disney, so you just deal with them. LInes are so common at any Disney venue, Park or ship, that you get used to them and figure out away to entertain yourself while in them. Sometimes you even make new friends in lines at Disney! You spend enough time in them to get to know people!
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