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Default Single traveler got single room at slightly higher single rate

I have traveld alone on two cruises and I basically got a single inner cabin at a slightly higher than single rate. i found out about the deal on Cruisemates from a cruiser who had seen it advertised. The second cruise was from VAC and the reason I go the single rate was that I asked what the single rate would be and found it was a little higher than the advertised single rate. Now here is the question, and before you answer contact a travel agent for the best rate or keep on monitoring the Cruisemate forums for special deals and check repositioning cruise announcements. I was sondering if there were any other ways that I could find out about special cruise deals at special rates. I was a little perturbed to hear that on the one cruise I was on, that a cruise group got a better deal than I had gotten which was pretty good. This is not a complaint. I am only seeking knowledge from the the knowledgable. i am not looking for the cheapest rate but I do want to avoid the single supplement charge if possible which I have done, but only by luck and a little research.
Thanks one and all for assistance.
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