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Default Good Morning Everyone: If it's Sunday it must be Dallas.

Good morning everyone from Dallas, Texas.

We have been having a WONDERFUL trip and we are now at my brother's house in Dallas. Actually Carrollton, but close enough.

The road trip has been great and so far no problems and I hope it stays that way. We really enjoyed Arizona and we have pretty much decided we will be buying a place there in the near future. Betty was in heaven with the heat and I was amazed how well I handled 108 degrees. Yes: It's a dry heat and I have been more uncomfortable in Minnesota at 90 degrees.

We leave tomorrow for the two, or three, day trip back home. It will be nice to see the kids and grandkids. They are the only stumbling block for us not to get another place in Arizona. I don't think Betty could handle not seeing them for three or four months at a time.

Then again, I could be the official "Kuki Kaddy" for his golfing. I could carry his clubs and the cooler filled with Caffiene Free Diet Coke. I don't know if I could handle six days of "Kuki Kaddying" a week.

I'm glad to see that Todd came through his surgery and I hope he is on a short path to recovery.

I hope everyone else is doing well and that cruises and other travel are in your plans.

Take care,
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