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Originally Posted by dezertcruzer View Post
We have cruised Celebrity, HAL, Princess, RCI, and Carnival. We are in our 60's and, of course, what we look for in a cruise has changed over the years. Unfortunately, when the recession hit, it hit me HARD personally. At the same time, the airlines just keep raising and raising their prices. We're in the Arizona desert, so the only port we can drive to comfortably would be in southern California. That means the Mexican Riviera.

So we went 4 Septembers in a row on the Carnival Splendor out of Long Beach because that was the only way we could afford a cruise for the last 4 years. We had a wonderful, relaxing time on each of those 4 cruises. We used our balcony a lot to read and relax, enjoyed music in the lobby before and after dinner, and didn't do much in the way of entertainment.

We are now "splurging"" and have a cruise booked on RCI Serenade of the Seas in January 2014 out of New Orleans, necessitating purchasing air fare. We have enjoyed our previous RCI cruises and I know we will enjoy this one too. As you can surmise, we are easy to please and we don't sweat the small stuff. It's all about enjoying spending time together and relaxing.

So, I guess our favorite cruise line is whichever one we are actually able to sail on at any given time! !
Very well stated!! Could not agree with you more on everything you said as we're the same way. We have the same sentiment as you do - any cruise is what you make it. If you want a great time, you'll have one - just don't sweat the small stuff. We've been on 45 cruises on 11 different cruise lines and we can honestly say we've never had a bad cruise. Yes, some have been better than others, but we're easy to please and have never had any major complaints.

As for whether any cruise line is better than any other cruise line, it's all a matter of choice. As my favorite saying goes, "What one person loves, another will hate." Everyone is different and what they like is different. So just because one person loves or hates a particular cruise line, does not necessarily mean your experience will be the same.

Always bothers me when I hear people say something like, "Oh, I would never cruise on Carnival!" When I ask them why, I always hear the same thing, "So & so said it was......." How can they know whether or not they like it because of what someone else says? Those people may miss out on a fantastic experience, but they'll never know because they've already formulated an opinion based on what others have to say.

I fell sorry for people like that because their comfort zone is so closed off, they'll never be able to expand their horizons and experience this wonderful world for all it's worth.

If you don't experience a few bad things, you really can't appreciate the great things as much and you begin to take them for granted. So don't be afraid of trying new things - it may surprise you.

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