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Originally Posted by venice View Post
A jazz radio station in the NYC area has formed a travel department and is trying to organize a group trip to Capetown ( SA )International Jazz Festival next April (2014). This has been on my "bucket list" so it would mean that I would skip my annual jazz cruise in the fall of 2014 to the caribbean

I am researching the cost and logistics of a "side trip" to Victoria Falls and a 2-3 day photo safari cruise on the Zambia Queen
So are you saying that in the past several years you've been 100% cruise?

Just an OT piece of advice. . .do not do a "photo safari cruise." Go to a game park for a few days. When we were in Cape Town we flew over to Port Elizabeth and spent four days at Shamwari. Point is, if you want to see the critters, go see the critters. That means base lodgings and Land Rovers. Don't waste your time floating around a boat.
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