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I mix things up.

We have always done both cruise and land vacations. We like to travel to Europe on a non-cruise vacation. Last year we combined a twelve day Med cruise with two months on land in Europe. This year we just finished a great, three week, vacation to the Southwest and Betty will leave for Europe the day after Labor Day to spend a month with our daughter and Betty's sister touring Europe. We will meet up in England at the beginning of October and stay for a month and enjoy ourselves.

I still like cruises and when we do a cruise outside of the U.S. we usually spend four or five days pre and post cruise touring the area. Last December we did Southeast Asia and enjoyed our time in Singapore and, one of my favorite places, Hong Kong. We will be heading to Australia next year but will do an additional month to travel the Eastern part of the country and visit with family.

It's a blessing to travel and I know I don't have too many more travel years left so we are making the most out of it.

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