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Originally Posted by DiamondMember View Post
So I just got off Allure and have feedback on this topic. I was charged the $14.25 per day on my sea pass account as others had indicated. Now, that $14.25 per day/per person is to support gratuity for my cabin stewart, waiter, assistant waiter and head waiter. Now - I did NOT use the dining room all week as I took advantage of each of the Speciality Dining places; so should I still have to pay grautity to the dinning room staff that I never met or even used? Honestly, I would argue that I should not have to pay grautity for them as I never received any services. I think on a ship like Allure with such a vast amount of dining options; you should adjust down to compensate for circumstances whereby you do not use those services.

While I did not adjust down on my cruise (as I honestly didn't want to stand in line at guest relations); I do understand why someone might adjust down or wish to pay in cash all their grautity rather than on the sea pass account. For example, if you won a bunch of cash in the casino; one might rather want to pay that way than on their credit/debit cards.
I agree with you. If we eat all week in speciality, which we most often do for a variety of reasons, we have always left a gratuity there. And, I remove the grats from our account and give cash then to steward etc and anyone else who we need to give a grat to. I won't pay twice for grat for meals.
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