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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
The words "We don't do Jewish" in writing probably sound far worse than in real life... They could definitely be taken out of context. I don't think people should make judgement calls unless they actually witnessed the event.

Example, someone walks up to the CD and asks,

Guest: "I see you have religious observances onboard, do you do both Christian and Jewish?"

CD: "We only do the Christian service, I'm sorry."

Guest: "I beg your pardon, I couldn't quite hear if you do a Jewish service?"

CD: "We don't do Jewish."
I did witness the conversation .I've stated that twice . I do not think you will allow me to post the name of the CD and the name of the ship .
My wife and I and the 2 couples we were traveling with were coming out of the ships theater one evening . Walking ahead of us directly was the CD .He was approached from the other side by a Rabbi and members of his congregation .The Rabbi asked if they can have a religious service on Friday early evening and the CD said "We do not do Jewish."
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